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Durham Garage Door Pros Are Experts at Repair Too!

Has your garage door stopped working? Perhaps the remote is dead, or the switch won’t work. Maybe the motor itself isn’t behaving. Sometimes, the door can get off track as well. Our repair techs are experts at finding the problem! In some cases, we can inspect the door and show you what we can do to make it work again. If the repair costs exceed the replacement cost, which they rarely do unless the motor itself has gone bad, we’ll let you know and help you choose a new garage door that meets your styling requirements and budget. In the Durham area we offer garage doors in various styles and finishes. Let the Durham Pros repair your garage door!

When you call, we can send someone to inspect the door and make sure it is safe to work with. Small problems can be identified before they are solved, but some issues can cause serious damage. We know how frustrating and time consuming it is to wait for repair tech, and we want to minimize the inconvenience as much as possible. At Durham Garage Door Pros, we can provide full service garage door repair and installation services. Simply select your arrival time and upon arrival we get to work carry out repair, maintenance or installation work. We offer maintenance service plans as well.

garage door repair service in durham
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You can rely on our team to provide the best service day in, day out at a fair price and unlike our competitors, we do not charge excessive fees for our service. If you’re experiencing issues, it can be a security risk to your home and your family. Call us right away so we can make sure your home and belongings is safe and secure.